Design for Visor's contests app!
We looked at how to combine aspects of other services and our old project “Pocket” to give users a brand new take on streaming games.
Sat down with Product Manager and hashed out the details and flow of the app. Product and engineering run many group planning sessions before anything is built.
In order to begin testing, we quickly designed a black and white version. We tailored the project with feedback from a streamer we’d worked with in the past to help sell the idea.
Work was done to design different screens and modes for the app. Contests were accessed from a site and users downloaded the app.
While testing occurred on the black and white version, a dark mode was designed to suit the gamer aesthetic.
There was no downtime while the app was being tested with users. I would illustrate a bunch of standard imagery for contests and marketing so we had images on tap for any situation.
Spent time designing an online hub for all the contests that were occurring to draw traffic to our site and introduce users to new streamers and contests rather than relying on on word of mouth. This would help the product manager visualize ideas for us to iterate on in the future.
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